Case Files and Kickin’ it Up a Notch

Often I am asked, “What is it like to see Angels?” and “What happens when you clear a home?  or “How do you see into other realms?”  I can’t tell you how much interest people have in the other side…and beyond!  I am always happy to share my experiences, and I try my best to gauge the perception those have that are listening.  Let’s face it, this line of work isn’t for everyone!  And I really don’t want to scare someone away from a wonderful opportunity to tap into the love and light of home by exposing them to information they perhaps are not ready for.  Note to self: Telling the salesman at the Lush that his dead Grandfather wanted him to know that he was not to blame for his own father’s anger and rage probably could’ve waited till the END of my shopping trip.  I don’t know whether the guy was going to faint or call security on me.  LOL!

Recently I’ve had some interesting experiences I feel drawn to share.

I was working with a client of mine, who lives in Europe, earlier this week on the relationship between her and her housemate.  There was underlying tension between the two of them, causing her to feel out of sorts and all kinds of mixed emotions.  As I tapped in during our distance session, I could see lifetimes of turmoil the two woman had shared.  They had battled against one another during war, over family land and about the occasional love interest.  It was a deep seeded hatred they shared and the karmic ties that bound them were strong.  In each shared lifetime they changed roles, from good to evil, back and forth, like a long, unending tennis match.  They had come together this lifetime to clear their ties and to learn mastery over truth and acceptance.  I worked along side Arch Angels Michael and Raphael to facilitate the karmic cut and provide healing energy to both women.

Soon after, Raphael connected them both to their heart centers, and channeled loving energy into them and their relationship.  When he finished the process, he stepped back and the two women met one another eye to eye.  As my client approached her housemate, she reached behind the housemate’s back and pulled forth a dagger from her back.  “I’m sorry,” she said.  “I release you, ” she said.  “I forgive you, ” she repeated as she walked around the housemate, removing various devices of pain from her physical and energetic bodies.  Knives, bullets, rocks, and such fell to the wayside.  When my client was complete, the housemate began repeating the same phrases and drawing other destructive weapons from my client.  Cannonballs, arsenic, cyanide, clubs and other items were removed.  As each item was taken from them, I could see quick glimpses into the past, into the pain and suffering they both endured and caused.  It was horrifying to view what two human beings could inflict upon one another.

The beauty in all of it came, when they both began to radiate the most amazing energy.  The colors and vibration are not describable in human words.  They had purged so much of what had been holding them back from their own goodness.

Interestingly enough, in this lifetime, the housemate viewed my client as a threat.  She saw my client’s strength and compassion to push forward and be successful in her life.  The housemate was in complete fear that things could ever change for herself to look that way, and she took her inner rage out on my client.  My client viewed the housemate as what she herself was in her own past in this lifetime.  The housemate reminded her of all the yucky, heavy patterns she carried around for so long and never wanted to revert back to.

I find the parallels between the world of the physical and the world of the soul fascinating.  And, by the way, the tension has decreased in the home, and they are still working through their own processes.

Kickin’ it up a Notch…

A few days ago, I happened to be on Facebook and saw that a dear friend of mine, Charmaine Lee, was online as well.  I was drawn to open up a chat window and say hi, when Spirit very loudly asked, “When are you going to ask her to channel with you?  What are you waiting for?”  I typed this experience to Charmaine, she readily agreed and we began to plan our event.

This is NOT a marketing tool, I promise.  Keep reading.

As we chatted online, we ironed out details – date, time, place and then came the subject of topic.   I asked if she wanted to set the evening as “go with the flow” and just allow the energy to guide us, or if she thought we should have a topic.  As soon as my fingers hit send on that message, my head began to spin.  I was guided to ask Charmaine how she felt about channeling about the Divine Feminine.  She had been thinking the same thing!!  Our topic, Discover Sacred Femininity and Appreciate the Beauty, was born!  Chills began climbing up and down my back as we planned further details.  That spinning feeling continued throughout our entire conversation.

The next day, I went to meditate in the morning, and my thoughts and focus could not stay put!  I decided to release myself from the outcome and just ride the tide of energy coming through.  That spinning feeling hit me full force and I began to channel the most amazing, loving energy.  She went on and on about the Sacred Feminine, the role of the Goddess in history and the importance of connecting to Mother Earth and female vibration.  It was like having a semester of college history boxed up into thirty minutes.  So much energy, so much information!  Incredible!

I could see and feel times that Charmaine and I had worked together in service of the Goddess.  I brought all that energy forward and let it merge into my physical self.  The emotions of joy and love brought shudders and tears of total happiness. It left me feeling charged up and ready to take on the day, but also with a new level of compassion within my heart.

As the next days followed, my connection to Spirit intensified.  Things that would normally take me moments to focus on came in an instant.  The physicality of things, however, was not as pleasant.  Staying grounded in my body and within my human train of thought (ie: where did I need to be, who did I need to pick up from school, cooking dinner, that kind of thing…) became a chore.  Don’t get me wrong, I could stay in LaLa land for a long time, but my family kind of needs me here.

Suddenly now, my intuitive sense is sharpened.  I am working consciously on grounding, and still the clairvoyance intensifies.  I am seeing and sensing spirits before they enter the room.  I’ve received more calls in the last few days for clearings of lower vibrational entities than I have in the last few months.

This morning’s session was quite intense and very thought provoking.  A client’s teenage daughter has been in a state of depression for some time.  She was sleeping long hours, not interested in going outside the house, and just not invested in life.  As I tapped into her energy, I felt her life force vibration to be very low.  Something was hindering her.  It had a hold of her, or should I say, they had a hold of her.

I have worked on this young lady on and off for the last six years and have never felt her energy in this type of state.  It was alarming to say the least.  I checked into her energy while speaking to her mother on the phone last night and was quite concerned with what I felt.  There was a large amount of darkness around her.  I checked to see if it was right for me to clear right then, and my intuition told me no.  I needed to wait until she was in a full sleep state.

This morning came, and I again checked in at about 6:00am.  Still, not the right time.  I could feel the darkness was not quite as heavy as it had been the night before, and I began to check into the girl’s energy every fifteen minutes or so, waiting to get the “go ahead” to remove the entity.  As soon as the timing was right, I took my shot (so to speak).  To my surprise, this darkness was not one, but three entities.  They came as both individuals, but could also meld themselves into one demon.  I’ve never experienced anything like this before and with the help of the Arch Angels, they were lifted from the young woman and dispersed into the light.

As I disconnected from the session, I was once again reminded of Arch Angel Michael’s words that came through this week in a channeled message he gave to me:

Dear Ones, 

There are changes underway!  Can you feel them?  Of course you can.  You are a living, breathing, feeling soul and it is your duty to FEEL, yet some of you spend so much of your time trying to do anything but FEEL. 

 Light is all around you and yet still you see darkness.  Still you focus on lack, on what is wrong with life, and the pain of the past.  Your spirit is being propelled to seek deeper understanding of the energies around you.  YOU have orchestrated this.  YOU have created this divine time for healing and insight, even though you think that what you experience is an act of God you have no control over.

 What situation do you find yourself in right now, in this moment that you do not wish to endure?  Who is it that you blame for this circumstance?  Do you take responsibility for your reactions and actions?  What are you doing to make things different?

 The Universe responds to you in like kind, Dear Ones.  If you think that life is against you, then chances are it is.  If you see lack, you will find it.  And in the same token, if you see joy, you will be joy.  If you see love, you will be loved.  It is perception.  It is YOUR perception. 

 I will give you an example of a child suffering from the affects of anorexia.  She is five feet tall and a mere seventy five pounds.  When she looks into the mirror, she sees herself as overweight, as ugly and as disgusting.  Yet, when the rest of the world sees her, they see nothing of the sort.  Until the girl changes her perception and releases the false belief of being overweight, she will not be healthy or able to experience life to her fullest and greatest capacity.

 What beliefs do you hold right now about yourself?  Within this rising light of ascension, your beliefs about everything you hold dear will be stretched and questioned.  Allow the light of Spirit to lead you through this time.  It does not have to be traumatic.  It can be very beautiful and rewarding.  It is your choice how you decide to learn.

 Look around you and see the masses going through their transformation.  People are choosing to leave your planet right now and cross to the other side, wars are building and social uprisings are in place.  Though these may seem negative, know that it is all happening for great change and rebirth of the structure of your planet and of your humanity. 

 See these changes as the blessings they are.  Allow yourself to feel the beliefs that once worked for your systems leave and pass to transmute into something better and brighter.  The more you resist, the harder this time will be. 

Let go and trust in the process you have mandated from your soul, Dear Ones.  You are not alone. The best is yet to be!

Things are changing!  I can’t wait to see what happens next.  Stay tuned and keep shining your own light brightly so that we may all see truth and love in each moment.

Angel Blessings,


2 thoughts on “Case Files and Kickin’ it Up a Notch

  1. Hi Danielle,

    I will admit I wasn’t going to read this post, but something compelled me to do so. Now I understand why. The relationship between the housemates sounds very similar to that of my husband and me. Without going into detail, I have been learning a little about our past life history this year, and I know that we have spent many lifetimes tormenting each other in various ways. I am now waiting for my husband to open up spiritually so that we can repair the past hurts and move on in love and light. I felt chills as I was reading your messages from Spirit and the Angels, and I have been feeling the energy change very powerfully during the last few months. Thank you for sharing!



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