The Healing Power of Voice

The Healing Power of Voice

So often, I have found in my life, that when I feel my emotions start to squirm around inside me and they are ready to literally take life of their own by jumping out my throat, I swallow very hard, and hold them in.  It’s not the appropriate time to speak the truth, or the words that want to release aren’t very polite, or what will other people think of me laughing at such a time.  And those emotions, that are a natural response to our human biological system become stuck.

Where do they go?  Are they hidden away in the feelings closet?

Nope!  Sadly, they become stored in the body somewhere.  Many times they will manifest as a small physical irritation.  Left untreated, or should I say, unexpressed, this stagnant energy can manifest into further and deeper ailments.  And by this time it creates a cycle of lower vibration thinking and drains the physical and emotional bodies.  A person doesn’t express the emotion – they become physically ill – they become depressed because of the illness – the core issue isn’t treated, because the illness hides the point of origin, and things continue to take a downward spiral.

Wouldn’t it be so much easier to just SAY what you FEEL when you FEEL it?  Keeping all those feelings in, HURTS; plain and simple.  That goes for all feelings: good, bad, right, wrong or indifferent.  When we do not give voice to our emotions, we hold out on ourselves.  We second guess what is appropriate and put the wants, needs, and judgment of others ahead of our own highest, greatest, good.

I remember stepping out from the car onto the running board while wearing flip flops one day.  The car had been detailed, running boards included, and the running board was slick under my feet, especially wearing flimsy sandals, and I slid along the running board and fell about three feet down onto the concrete, flat on my back.  Let me tell you, it was a bad fall.  I was in immediate pain.  In an instant I went from happy day to holy crap, I don’t feel like I can move.  All three of my kids were jumping out of the car and checking to see if I was okay.  I could see the fear in their eyes, and didn’t want to freak them out, so I sucked it up, pulled myself off the ground and went in the house.

I told the kids I needed some “mom-time” and that I would be in my bedroom for a while making my back and head feel better.  I closed my door and went into my walk in closet and shut that door as well.  I was divinely guided to begin wailing.  There was a primal noise that came out of my body that did not even sound like me.  Suddenly it wasn’t just about the fall.  It was the frustration, it was the tiredness of life, and the exhaustion coming out of me.  I cried and I moaned and screamed until I could no longer voice anything else.  It was an immediate and intense release.  I could feel the tightness in my back let go.  The tension in my neck caused by the fall had cleared.  I was walking and did not feel the stiffness I had felt when I came inside the house.  Yes, I was still sore in some spots, but the pain had lessened to the equivalent of a shot of morphine for me.  Very healing, and much easier on the body than morphine.

By allowing myself the arena and opportunity to express the pain, I was able to release it and all the emotions that were packaged along with it.  It was a big eye-opener for me and a powerful lesson.  When I take the time to give my feelings a voice, by words or sounds, I create the space for release and realignment with the spirit that I am.  I am spirit.  I am not pain.

Gift yourself a gift.  Don’t hold back.

Let ‘er Rip!

Empowerment Group – Online


We begin ONLINE Oct 1st and work through Oct 30th. You will be given access to a private online forum where you will connect with Danielle Garcia, of Intuitive Angels, and our group members to learn, create and empower!!!

You may LOGIN from ANY WHERE IN THE WORLD at ANY TIME OF DAY! This course is based on YOUR CONVENIENCE. It’s all about YOU!!

How the Empowerment Group Works:

We come together as a GROUP of collective energy to assist one another in manifesting our goals. Danielle will teach you tools and lessons to assist the empowerment process.

Each person within the group will come up with a goal, an intention they want to manifest. It is important that the intention be set in a POSITIVE affirmation, so that the energy works correctly to achieve success.

All goals will be posted for other members to see in an online forum. Each member will send energy and prayer to each goal and add comments of encouragement. Feel free to post your own comments about your process, ask for advice, share successes, etc, as needed.

You will get out of this course what effort you decide to put into it. Manifestation is a simple process, but it does take time, thought and energy.

Danielle’s role is to be your coach and teacher. She will offer you insightful instruction as well as weekly channeled meditations to assist you in removing blocks, releasing fears, and moving on to a higher state of vibration. If you have questions or need advice, don’t hesitate to connect with her through the group.

Some Comments about prior Empowerment Groups:

“I can’t tell you how much I’ve received from this group! I’ve been trying to become pregnant for years, and had just about given up when I was given a sign from God about the empowerment group. The power of fellowship and prayer was amazing! I am happily with child now and am so grateful to have achieved my intention and the blessings of a new addition to our family. Thank you, Danielle, for giving me a key to unlock pure happiness.”

“In thirty days my life changed. I became more calm and at ease with myself. I made lifelong friends along AND manifested my goal of improving my health. Money and time well spent! “

Client Comments on Danielle’s Channeled Meditations:

“These meditations are A-MAY-ZING!!!!! My forehead is alive! Thank you so much for sharing these with me! I had no idea I could meet my guardian angel. I need to learn more about him. And Raziel is so wonderful. You are so awesome to bring this to people. I am so honored that you let me experience this.”

“God bless you, Danielle! The break through that came to me with your Arch Angel Raphael meditation was life changing! I can’t put it into words.”

Cost for the Empowerment Group is $50, payable by Sept 30th, 2012. Upon payment, you will receive a confirmation email. On October 1st you will receive the login information for the group.

Take the LEAP! Do it for YOU!!!!
To reserve your place in the group:

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