A Grateful Heart ~ Channeled Message from Arch Angel Jophiel

Dear Ones,

Rejoice in this moment, this very moment right now.  As you read these words upon this page, take heed of the gratitude that awaits your embrace.  How many things are working for good within your life?  We reason and believe there are many attributes for which you are thankful.

Take one such blessing in your life and focus your energy upon it right now.  Feel the warmth of positive force rush over you and envelop each and every part of you.  See and sense your heart expand as you hold this godsend close in your thoughts.  Breathe in the unconditional love and vibration of thanksgiving.  Allow this awareness to encompass you.

Can you feel the shift in your energy that has taken place?  It has taken a matter of minutes within your day to change your perception.  Think of the possibilities of what may occur if more time were spent on your blessings and gratitude.  As you bring in these higher levels, your entire system relaxes and becomes at peace.  Issues that would normally bother you do not upset you.  People and interests gravitate in a positive manner toward you for you have set the expectation of goodness.  Like energy attracts like energy.

Humanity makes things so difficult, as it is your design and nature to over analyze and apply your human logic to thoughts and feelings.   If you were to do exactly the opposite, and apply your emotion to logic, that is when the bridge forms to connect both sides of the brain; where the veil becomes transparent and the secrets of the Universe are revealed.

Not too shabby, eh?

A grateful heart paves the road for a rewarding journey.  A grateful heart clears a cluttered mind.

May you find peace and rejoicing within a grateful heart.

Arch Angel Jophiel


Intuitive Angels Radio Show

Every Thursday at 10:30am Pacific Time

Join us tomorrow for Communicating With Spirit.

In this episode, noted Medium and Channel, Danielle Garcia, fields your calls and questions about Spirit Communication.

What happens when…

You feel like someone is watching you?

The hairs on the back of your neck stand up?

You feel a calming presence come over you?

You receive the same “signs” over and over again?

Spirits are not to be feared.  With some insight and information, become empowered to understand the mechanics of connecting with those not of the physical realm.

Call in and share your experience or to ask questions.  Danielle is ready to connect and help you sort through these issues.


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