Beyond the Veil; Witnessing Life

Beyond the Veil; Witnessing Life

I have so missed writing this blog.

So many things have happened since I last wrote…more health issues with family – my father, mother and father in law; graduations; and most of all bearing witness to the purest sense of light throughout my own inner struggles.

One thing that I keep in my spiritual bag of tricks is the ability to pull negative energy from others.  I’ve done this since I was a young child and further down the road as I learned energy healing techniques of Reiki, Zenith and Shamanism, the ability and intensity became stronger.  It is in those moments of energy sessions that I release to Spirit and allow Creator God to work through me.  I am not the one creating the energy.  I am merely the vessel by which it travels.

I’ve done sessions remotely for people around the world.  I’ve assisted in person inside hospitals, hospices, conference rooms, at car accidents and even the occasional outdoor Vision Quest.  This is something I was born to do and I truly feel it to be a large part of my life’s purpose and mission.  Separating my personal feelings surrounding these situations has become a much needed tool in order for me to focus on assisting the person I am helping.  I suppose you could call this a form of channeling.  If you were to look at the brain like a computer, I have learned to bypass the emotional area and connect fully and completely to my soul.  This doesn’t stop me from my human experience of feeling.  However, it does allow me to concentrate all of my intention on letting the energy from home flow through.

This all worked well until Dad became ill.  Silly human that I am, I have not quite mastered the dissociation of emotion and energy work when it comes to my father.  I try my best not to analyze this, because I’ve worked with many people, even family, and other clients I have deeply cared for.  I have assisted with the passing and transition of several dear souls through the deathing work that I do, and even while working with  loved ones I have held it together and been able to see through the spiritual perspective and not allow my emotions of grief and sadness to be in the forefront.

Working with my father is unfamiliar territory for me.  It honestly pains me to the core to feel the physical trauma within him.  I guess I still see him with the eyes of the little girl inside me, the one that sees Daddy as stronger than Super Man, smarter than any scientist and with a heart larger than the Grand Canyon.

The most challenging part so far for me on this journey with Dad has been the ability to see family and loved ones from the other side gathered around him.  I’ve seen this scenario time and time again with clients in pain and especially with those getting ready to pass.  It usually brings great comfort to witness such love and support.  When I first saw my father’s brothers and sisters gathered around him at the hospital, my heart went out the door and fear stepped in, big time.  I wasn’t ready to say goodbye.  And even though, through my spiritual experience, I knew that the love of his family was helping him to make whatever decisions would come next, my emotional heart struggled to even be in the same room.  I fought long and hard to try to tune their presence out, not to see or sense these wonderful souls who circled the wagons of support around my father.  It never worked.  It was like trying not to see while having my eyes open.

Dad would begin to sing and hum in his sleep during hist stay in the hospital.  I would see a woman around him, stroking his head, singing along with him and whispering in his ear.  She seemed to give him so much comfort.  I could watch the muscles in his body release and relax when she would come into the room, holding his hand, all the while having this huge smile on her face.  The woman had this amazing sense of peace and calm and grace about her.  Her presence around him was greater than the rest.  She would often times appear when Dad was getting agitated and when he was restless.  Her energy would slow his rapid breathing down and his blood pressure would come back to a normal rate.  I began to really enjoy watching her comfort Dad and seeing the physical results take place.

One day, while watching her interact with him while he was drifting off to sleep, I began to cry.  The thought of what may be ahead scared the utter hell out of me.  For the first time, this woman locked eyes with me.  She sat down next to me and began to stroke my hair.  She felt so loving, so safe.  She told me that the only thing stronger than fear was love.  She beckoned to me to choose to see love through all this and to know that Dad would be fine, whether he chose to stay within the physical or go home to be with God.  I didn’t want her to leave.  I wanted to cling to her like a life raft.  The woman was beautiful and had an inner strength that seemed so familiar to me. When she was no longer present beside me, I kicked myself for not asking her her name.

      Imagine my shock, when a short time later, I received this photo from my cousin.  This is a picture of my grandmother, Mabel, when she was 21 years old and a school teacher.

I had never  seen photos of my Dad’s mother, other than one when she was about four years old.  She passed before I was born so I never had the luxury of getting to know her.  Apparently that has changed.

When I gazed at this photo I knew this was the woman who was around my father, the one that eased him and helped him calm down.  She appeared to me just as she looks in this photo.  I was thrown for a complete loop to say the least.

Everything is in Divine Time.  My Grandmother gave me emotional support and advice when I needed it most.  She supported her son during his trauma.  The photo came to me at the exact right time.  There are no coincidences.

My soul, once again feels renewed.  I know that love truly is stronger than fear, no matter which side of the veil you call home.

Blessings to all,

Danielle Garcia

8 thoughts on “Beyond the Veil; Witnessing Life

  1. I was wonderful what happened to you. I missed reading your blog. I had tears reading this Danielle, partly because I remember the same feelings dealing with my own father’s death. I always so appreciate your open heart and genuineness Danielle. Thank you for sharing your soul with us. Love and blessings.


  2. Interestingly, when I first glanced at the pic, I saw you. I keep looking at it to see where you look like her, but can’t find it now. So glad you’re experiencing some peace in your current challenges!


  3. You brought a tear to my eye once again! And thank you for sharing, because you also helped answer a question that had been nagging me; why do we see some spirits and not others, and why only at certain times in our lives? Divine time. It makes perfect sense! Thanks to your grandmother as well…


  4. I found this thread by coincidence…. and it was a coincidence that I was seeking. Dumbfounded is how I feel. Mum has Alzheimers, she is descending so fast right now, I am her carer (with my husband) and I suddenly felt I can’t really manage all this mental chaos, the loss of dignity (she left a poo on the draining board in the kitchen – and my mother would never, never live in a reality like that, doing things like that, she would hate it), the incontinence, all the garbled thoughs and words, meaningless even to her, and now her hip is aching and she can’t enjoy walking. The burdens are adding up and adding up…. how much can she or I take?

    So I decided on a week of retreat. Retreat in that I attempt to ‘Reach out’ less, and ‘reach in and listen within’ instead. I’ve been fiddling around all day, messing about with synchronicity (as I seem to be very good at manifesting messages that I need). Went onto google to find a picture that would represent me ‘witnessing’, or stepping back to take stock and observe life, and I found the picture of a hearts-shaped cloud, which led me to your blog….. and your blog is about the passing of your father, the pain you felt, your difficulty distancing emotionally, and of someone coming to give comfort to your Dad. And yes, I shall invoke my own father, to come and comfort my mother at this time of duress.

    I feel quite tearful. Your message of real distress at the death of your father is what I am currently experiencing at the passing into mental chaos of my mother. She isn’t dying yet, but the wonderful, intelligent, vibrant, caring woman who I have known all my life, is slipping away, being claimed by dementia, and I don’t feel able to stand the pain of this, of seeing it day by day. But my Dad would not want this for her, for me. I shall ask him to come and comfort her. For what is dementia from across the veil? He would not stand for her suffering, and she is disappearing, losing the battle to be herself, and I don’t want to lose her.

    Added to this real distress I feel, is my impatience and my denial. I just don’t want to see what I see. I would have hoped I would have been a kind and gentle and compassionate carer….. yet the horror and revulsion of what is happening to her makes my quake. Instead of being there for her, I find myself often avoiding, denying, or attacking the symptoms I see.

    I want to know the real purpose. Why did such a great brain get Alzheimers? Why did I become her carer when my siblings have become invisible (it is too painful for them even to contemplate, so they don’t, not once since August have they even asked how she is)? Of course I am doing it of my free will. Just I would like to go within and learn how to do this last lap of the Alzheimer Journey very very well. With grace and gracefully, for both our sakes.

    I am sure you will understand. Any insights you would like to share? Thanks, Claire


    1. My Dear,

      I am touched by the intensity and light of your words.

      Breathe. Allow. You ARE doing a good job, much more than you will ever know.

      This is a time of unfolding information for you both. It is a step deeper into the mystery of life and of a deeper sense of allowing and of acceptance. I have dealt with many clients with dementia and alzheimers, as well as I’ve had family members affected. It is not easy what you’re doing. Be patient with yourself. Be gentle with yourself. I would ask you to think of how you would treat and react to a best friend explaining what you’re going through – if a friend came to you with this experience, you would not hold them under a magnifying glass, pointing out their shortcomings. You would embrace and support them as best you could.

      Your mother floats between many different realms right now. She is privy to dimensions of existence that few see. Her symptoms are similar to children diagnosed with Autism who also have dimensional site. While so much of her brain is not operating correctly, other parts take over and work at a heightened degree in places most cannot understand or fathom. She is not conscious of this awareness, yet when she comes back to a grounded state of being it is not easy for her to be present – she resists and then it is a battle of sensory overload.

      From the other side of the veil, you both have contracted for this for many reasons. I am not privy to all of these reasons, but I can tell you that one of them is to find a level of unconditional love you’ve never thought possible. This is the unconditional love of self – your mother and you are in a most difficult situation. It is very easy to beat yourself up about what you think you should or should not be doing. By allowing the process and looking for the gifts along the way, you will find a higher sense of self. Again, this is not easy and I in no way make light of your situation. I am merely passing along the information I am given in hopes of offering you comfort.

      Take the time for you to step away, to reboot your own energy. There are many places and agencies that can offer you help, even if only for a few hours so that you may get a break. Call upon your father to assist in showing you the way to these resources. Know that you are not alone.

      You have a heart of gold, my dear. In your quiet time, ask to connect with the higher self of your mother. It is there you will find the mother you know, love and cherish. She is still with you now, just in a different form than what you are used to.

      I sending you loving support and prayers. God Bless You and your family.

      Angel Blessings,


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