A Beautiful Shamanic Experience ~*~

~*~  A Beautiful Shamanic Experience ~*~

This past weekend, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend an Open House Celebration at Enchanted Forest Reiki here in Las Vegas.  The center was celebrating it’s one year anniversary and had many different healers available to give sessions.  I was drawn to have a Shamanic healing session with an incredible woman, Maria Garcia.

I’ve been fortunate to experience many different modalities and various kinds of shamanic work.  I love shamanism and use this as a tool in my personal life and with my clients, so having a private session for myself was a real treat !

Maria connected with me and I was instantly relaxed.  I allowed my mind to drift as I held a large piece of smokey quartz with both hands.  For the past few months, I’ve been stricken with a terrible case of bronchitis and my breathing has been quite labored.  I’ve required breathing treatments and other medication to open up my lung passages.  I focused on the pressure and pain in my chest as I felt my body become lighter and lighter.  The environment and energy that Maria created was warm and safe and I had no resistance to just letting go and allowing spirit to move through me.

A magnificent leopard appeared at my side.  I recognized his energy right away, as he is my power animal (an animal friend, or totem animal in shamanism).  A power animal journeys with you and is very much a spiritual guide.  The leopard reached across my left side and began taking bites of my heart.  As he did so, I could see the deadened part of my heart that he was removing.  (Yes, this REALLY is a BEAUTIFUL experience…when I see these things I see them on an energetic level so there is no blood and gore.)

Next the leopard climbed up on me and began clawing at my chest.  He ripped open my lungs and huge amounts of a thick, dark, gooey substance drained out.  The tired, infected lungs deflated and revealed two crystalized lobes underneath.  My furry friend licked my cheek and began to purr as he nestled his head under my chin and offered me his compassion and love.  Tears began to stream down my face as I realized the pressure I had been feeling was no longer there.

When I opened my eyes I was greeted by Maria’s smile and her comforting voice as she relayed to me messages she received during our connection.  She placed her hands on me and channeled divine spirit into my body and cleared my energy field.  Her loving heart and caring presence were like a soothing, snuggly blanket.  I understood what she spoke to me about and she offered me a new perspective of my life’s path.  I felt complete as we parted with a tender embrace and promises to stay in touch.

All this in fifteen minutes….is that cool, or what? Ab-SOUL-utely remarkable.

Some times the most powerful occurrences happen in a matter of moments.  When we allow ourselves to be open, it is amazing the gifts we are able to receive.

Leopard Hugs, Love & Laughter,

Danielle ~*~

3 thoughts on “A Beautiful Shamanic Experience ~*~

  1. Brilliant! I also had a wonderful healing experience at a Mind, Body and Spirit event last month. That was during a quick session that lasted about 20 minutes, but the effects were immediate and lasting. I’m glad you found the time to enjoy it.


  2. Fantastic, Danielle! What an uplifting experience. Especially awesome to hear what it’s like for a Healer to entertain their own healing. 🙂 Continued love and blessings for you work and play!


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