How Do You Honor Yourself? (A Channeled Message)

How Do You Honor Yourself ?

While going through some of the channeling that have come through, I came across this one, channeled through the Angelic Realm.  I’m sure it was not a “coincidence” that I stumbled upon this message.  I am drawn to share it with you now.  This message came through in 2009:

~*~ How Do You Honor Yourself? ~*~

(Angelic Realm – 01/26/09)

Dear Ones~

We come to you this day to ask a very important question – how do you honor yourself?

In these ever changing times on your planet, we see much evolution.  You are a spiritual being encased in an ever evolving human form.  You are bringing more and more light into your bodies each day.  There are so many ways that you occupy your time with spreading this light.  Have you remembered, Dear Ones, to shine this light upon yourself?

We see how times are changing.  We see how you each reach out to someone else to help them in their times of trauma and need.  We see the beautiful web of love that you have created.  We are here to remind you to feel this love within, to give it to yourself as you so willingly gift it to others.

The rise in vibration is in you and all around you.  To some, this can knock them off their feet.  Many things appear in your day to day lives that give you the choice to heal.  When you release things that have been tied to you on such a deep, core, soul level it can leave you unbalanced or depleted.  It is important that you take the time to restore yourself.

In your first days as humans it was important to you to take time each day for your daily rituals.  These rituals recharged your spirit.  You gave thanks and gratitude for the world around you.  You honored God and Goddess as the loving energy that exists in all things, including yourself.

Many different cultures and peoples used ceremony and ritual as ways to show honor.  The funny thing is, even though these were expressed in different manners, in different languages and using different techniques – they all paid tribute to virtually the same thing.

We watch some of you still engage in ritual.  There are many candles lit in dedication inside your churches.  We hear your nightly prayers.  You are so dedicated and loyal to honoring God.  This is a good thing, Dear Ones, it is.  We ask you to recognize the fact and truth that you are God.  You are God on the inside, on the outside and all around you.

It comes so easily to you to show honor to God, but not so easily when it comes to honoring yourself.  Why is that?  Your soul began as a spark of God.  You are created in God’s image.  To hold yourself in this accord is to honor God on the highest level.

Today, take the time to honor yourself.  Do this through something that allows you to feel the love, compassion and respect you show so easily for others.  Nurture yourself, be it through the physical, emotional or spiritual way.  Let the energy flow through you and feel your power and vibration respond.  As you pay tribute to the God self that you are, you make room for the unconditional love of home to surge through with every breath you take.

We honor you, Dear Ones.  We admire your strength and courage to be these amazing spirits inside human form.  Honor your humanness, Children.  Feeling comfortable within your own skin paves the way for you to connect with the Spirit that you are.  Create a daily routine of ritual that is for and about yourself.  It can be as simple as looking in the mirror each morning and saying the words, “I Love You.”


May you live each day with the deep love of self that was created within you.  Sometimes we make it difficult for ourselves to see and feel it, but it is always there.  If you need help finding it, ask the Angels to help you rediscover that truth that is your soul.

Love & Blessings,


One thought on “How Do You Honor Yourself? (A Channeled Message)

  1. This is a lovely message, and strangely enough, that was around the time I began to honour myself as I advanced upon my spiritual journey. I released the guilt and the fear of being considered ‘selfish’ and now I am truely happy and able to help those around me who are in need. Thank you.


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