Always Remember to Share Your Blankie…

I didn’t intend on getting sick and I sure did not intend on spending my morning in Urgent Care, but alas this is what happened so I did my best to roll with the punches (and trust me I feel like I’ve been beat up big time).   After spending a good part of yesterday figuring out if I had been “approved” for our new insurance, I was up early calling the company to find a walk in clinic where I could be examined.  My family has been passing a bug/flu/cold back and forth for over six weeks now, and I am on my second round of it.  This time the pressure in my lungs and my cough was too much for all my home remedies to kick, so I knew it was time to check in with an MD.

Surprisingly, the Urgent Care I went to was also a Pediatric Clinic, so there were lots of little ones when I arrived this morning.  I was sitting in my chair, filling out the barrage of paperwork, when a nine year old boy came in with his father.  You could tell the boy was not feeling well, as he was curled up in his chair, leaning on his dad.  A girl, who looked about seven years old sat a few rows away watching him.  Within about five minutes of him arriving, this little girl walked over with her blanket that she had around herself and asked the boy, “Would you like my cover?”  She was there to be examined as well, but saw the state of this boy and offered up her comfort to him.  It was so beautiful to watch as he accepted her offer and managed to crack a small smile in the process.

Later I was called back to the exam room and given a breathing test.  My lungs were at 65% capacity – huge shock to me, but explained all the pressure I’d been feeling.  I was upset at this finding, but settled in as the breathing treatments began.  A small boy, about 10 months old was being looked at two rooms away.  He started screaming a blood curdling scream that made my head pound all the more.  My first thoughts were, “Oh great…on top of all this I am going to have to listen to this kid for the next few hours.”  Not very positive, I know, and now I feel horrid for it.  As moments went by, there was a stillness in the exam room.  My guide appeared and said, “Don’t you think he feels bad about this too?”

With those words I was shown a previous life time where this boy had been tortured – held down by arms and legs and cut into.  It was awful!  He was reverting back to these memories ALONG with the trauma of being in a strange place and having lights placed over him and being poked and prodded.  My heart went out to this little guy, and I began to send love his way and kept reaffirming, “this is now, it is not then,” over and over and over again.  With the help of the Angels I worked to put gentles colors around him and send him visions of being cuddled up with his Mommy, resting peacefully.  It took a short while, but he calmed down.

Was I at the right place at the right time?  Of course I was!  I needed to learn to think beyond my own misery.  These children taught me the simplest yet most powerful lessons of being human; sometimes it takes listening to find out what the answer really is, whether that is listening to another’s cries, their body language, or listening to your own body when it is telling you to REST.  And now, that’s what I will be doing – RESTING.

Always remember to share your blankie!!

Love & Laughter,


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