Once Again….Letting the “Freak Flag” Fly!

Once Again….Letting the “Freak Flag” Fly!

Oh My!  It’s been an interesting week!   I don’t know if it’s the power of the moon, if mercury is in retrograde or my head is in Uranus!  Any way it adds up, it all is still a blessing, no matter how much the experience can disguise itself otherwise.

I’ve been nudged, rather PUSHED while I kicked and screamed, by my guides to do another detox, specifically for my liver, which I’ve had issues with for the last three years.  I was given a nasty virus by an infected feral cat bite, which triggered other lovely infections and toxicity, including heavy metal poisoning.  I actually believe that wicked kitty saved my life, because if it hadn’t been for the bite, I would’ve really been in trouble.  Funny how the Universe throws those signs to us, isn’t it?

During this detox process, which by the way, if you’ve never tried coconut water straight from a coconut it is HEAVEN, lots of feelings and emotions along with aches and pains have come up.  I released stored RAGE along with enormous amounts of other toxins.  Yet, in the midst of all this, came the most wonderful gift and I am so glad that I cleared the space within to make room to receive it.

While doing distance healing with a client overseas, I had my intention on what would occur in our session all figured out in my mind.  There were certain issues my client wanted cleared along with just a vibe I received as to what direction to take and which energy modality I would use.  When I connected with my client, I began my standard practice of “tapping in” and checking on her physical structure and chakra system.  The clearing started and my Angelic healing guides assisted.  Once the first clearing was complete, the guides left and it was just me and my client.  To give you a reference point, when I work on people from a distance, I envision myself with them in a healing space and they are resting on a massage table.  I kept getting the message, “It is time to journey,” over and over in my mind.  Not knowing where this was going, I surrendered to the energy and was drawn to a place I’ve traveled to many times in my work.  If you’ve ever heard my segments on The VirtualLight Broadcast you may remember me mentioning a Lemurian crystal cave I go where I complete deep Shamanic healing work.  I know in another lifetime I have visited this place in the physical, and I have no doubt its hanging out there in another dimension some where.  As I approached the cave, I began to question my reason for being there.  I had done many healing sessions with my client in the open cavern with the large Mother Crystal.  My guidance was telling me strongly she was not in need of this type of energy.  But still, the overwhelming urge to continue on drove me forward.

We came upon the cavern with the Mother Crystal and standing in front of it appeared my Angelic guides.  They ushered us to an area I had not been before, well not this lifetime anyway!  There was a pathway leading to another chamber.  I was amused because to my best knowledge at that time, I was certain that the cave ended at the open cavern.  Excited, our feet picked up the pace to reveal the most amazing chamber, full of crystals of different sizes, shapes and colors.  Along the side of the chamber were carved out seats, smooth to the touch and yet not cold as you would imagine they would be.  In the center of the chamber was a pool of water, running in motion like a hot-spring, with warm salty water.  Shamanic instinct took over and I led my client into the water to continue our healing session.  As she floated, I could feel the energy from the crystals penetrate each drop of water in the glorious healing place.  The vibrations running through were high and extremely soothing.  Different areas of the pool of water held distinctive energies and parts of the water flowed in a circular motion, like a lazy river, and other areas held the ebb and flow of gentle waves.  Just as the brain work on my client began, two amazing dolphins swam up to us.  They were two of the most exquisite beings I’ve ever encountered.  Words cannot define their magnificence and energy.  They began to nudge my client, who was still floating in the water, to different areas in the pool.  With a dolphin on either side of her, they began sounding.  As they created their beautiful language, the crystals in the chamber responded.  It was as if a heavenly, healing choir was created by the dolphins and the pulsations and reverberations coming from the crystals.  An intense echoing continued on, as they pushed her along through this blessed experience.  I watched as energetically I could see her pineal gland light up and different pathways in her brain were rerouted and new ones created.  Tears streamed down my face for it was difficult to comprehend so much love and beauty.  I cry now, writing these words as I conjure these feelings once again.

My client, completely in trance, looked as if she were floating on air.  She became more spirit than body, but that did not stop play time!  The dolphins began to roll her back and forth between them, much like rolling a ball, but the energy carried that of rocking a baby.  There were no gasps for air as she flipped and turned, and the smile on her face said everything that words could not.  I really believe this was the dolphins way of bringing her back into her body.

Her session became complete.  It was time to leave that space and come back to the here and now.  We thanked these finned, healing masters and went back to the healing room where my client and I went our separate ways, her back to peaceful sleep many continents away, and me back in my office.  My eyes opened with deep gratitude and intense excitement as I recalled every bit of this fascinating Shamanic journey.  No coincidence, I am sure, that teaching others about multi-dimensional travel through Dimensional Connection was coming up.  Interesting that this session brought forth another tool to use when activating the brain for multi-dimensional travel.

I’ve never worked with Dolphin energy before, though I have always been amazed by them.  I had the gift of swimming with dolphins in Puerto Vallarta several years ago and became captivated with the deep love these gentle giants carry.  They were so graceful and so adoring, nudging me if I was not touching them like a puppy or kitten would do.  I am also reminded of a trip to see the dolphins here in Las Vegas at the Mirage with my kids when Adam was about two years old.  There is an underwater observation area with big glass windows and we watched the dolphins swim for several minutes, mesmerized by their presence.  I had the idea to put our hands on the windows and send Reiki to the dolphins to see what would happen.  So, my daughters and I began sending energy and I told Adam to send love through his hands to the dolphins.  Soon two dolphins swam to our window, lookied us in the eyes and rubbed their entire bodies up against the glass where we stood.  Adam began to giggle,saying, “They like it, Mommy, they really like it!” Then he began to tell me about the “pretty colors” dancing in the water.  So incredible!

It’s moments like these that I cherish.  Being in the moment, going with the flow and following intuition is not a “normal” state of being as I would think it would be,  What was once an inherent trait within us all has been clouded by fast pace, to-do list life where accomplishments can amount to your self-worth if you allow it.  If we lived in the sea like these loving animals, the simple action of being in the flow would be second nature to us and our way of life instead of something we strive for.  So much can be learned by the animal kingdom.

Now, even as I write these words, I know there are those who will think I am the biggest freak ever and need psychiatric attention for relaying such an experience.  To them, I wave my freak flag proudly.  I am tired of hiding behind what is socially looked upon as acceptable or normal.  This is my normality and it suits me just fine.  And by the results my clients experience, I would say it suits them just fine as well.

Letting go of all that emotional and physical sludge during my detox has opened me to new arenas of light and healing.  It’s amazing to think of all the unnecessary gunk we carry around with us that takes up wasteful space in our bodies and minds.  By releasing what no longer serves us we make way for the most blessed gifts imaginable.

May your blessings AND gifts enlighten your heart with gratitude and grace.

Love & Laughter,


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6 thoughts on “Once Again….Letting the “Freak Flag” Fly!

  1. Dear Freak-Flag Flyer….
    You Rock! Make your heart and soul sing, soul-sister! It’s great to have your kids on the same journey too, isn’t it! BTW…My guides and angels have been nudging (ok PUSHING) me to do a lemon/water cleanse…..LOL…I started yesterday. They said it had to do with balancing my alkaline. Loved your post….By the way, did your client pick up any of the same images?


  2. Wow! What an amazing experience! And thank you once again for showing me that it is alright to feel these energies and to enjoy our spiritual journeys. During recent weeks I have been battling with my rational mind, which keeps trying to suppress the wonderful places my guides and guardians try to take me to. Even when I partially allow it, I still think it is my imagination, and I would never dare share my experiences with other people. But you know what, I think it’s time we ‘freaks’ spoke out! And I thank you, Danielle, for speaking in such an enlightening and positive way.


    1. Thank YOU for the sweet comments. I know exactly how you feel. I have kept so much in for so many years at times I thought I would burst wide open with all of it and then really sound like a crazy person.
      Have a blessed day!


  3. Awesome story of your experience. What a delight it must have been! Thanks for sharing. “Freak flags” welcome in Las Vegas. Blessings, Karen


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