I Was in the Bathtub, Minding My Own Business, When in Walked Another Dimension

I Was in the Bathtub, Minding My Own Business…..

when suddenly something moved alongside of me, outside the tub.  I could see a glimpse of it, through my peripheral vision, and it looked like it went on forever.  As I sat up and turned my head to face this “thing” I saw a long, tall, movie-like, moving picture that spanned a good 15-20 feet (yes, I have a large bathroom).  The image began at the door of the bathroom and went into the wall of the walk-in closet.  I was astonished.

What I’m describing is the first time I consciously witnessed another dimension without going into trance.  This was occurring outside my mind, and it was amazing.

Now, its hard for me to find time to relax in the bathtub, let alone tune into another dimension and seeing this was the FURTHEST thing from my mind that evening.  No, I hadn’t been drinking or smoking, and the only crystal present was the one in my water along with the bath salts.

Here’s a few visuals I can give you to help you understand what I was seeing.  The first is a reel of movie film.

Think of how it would look if you stretched a reel of film out, and imagine that film being about seven feet high.  As you look at this massive reel of film, you see that a movie begins to play out in front of your eyes.  It’s as if the reel of film switches from film to an actual screen that characters and scenery dance across.  The screen and images move, like a moving walkway across the room in front of you.  As you look at this screen, you can tell that it is thin, like a slice of energy.  It is rectangular, and even though it is moving and portraying different scenes, you notice the corners of the screens beginning and end.  The corners are right-angled.  You can also see through the screen and notice the sink, dressing table and linen closet behind it.

Have you ever seen the movie, “Superman II” starring Christopher Reeve as Superman?  There is a scene from the movie in which three villains are banished from their planet and encased in a dimensional prison.

The photo above shows this dimensional prison.  You can see how it is thin, yet holds the three villains, and also note that it is see -through and has visible right-angled corners.  Stretch this out and enlarge it, and that is similar to what I was looking at.

I watched this screen in front of me play out the daily life of a woman and child.   The woman was dressed in bright yellow and orange beaded animal skins, and the daughter was in some kind of fur trimmed skin.  They walked with large vases upon their heads to a watering hole to gather water.  Parts of their journey were through green jungle and others were on barren land.  I have no idea how long I watched them, but I was not afraid, and in fact mystified by the entire experience.  There was something holographic about the images that played out, and at times I could hear conversation and noises, but did not know the language.  It appeared that this location was somewhere in Africa or Egypt, but I am not sure.  I could feel the loving relationship between mother and daughter as I watched them interact.  They laughed and sang together on their trip back to the village where they lived.

In wide-eyed enchantment I continued observing them until suddenly there was a large, loud knock at the door.  One of my children needed something, and as I stood up and wrapped myself in a towel, the door flew open and the image was gone.

I had no idea how to conjure it back into my sight.  I didn’t know why it appeared in the first place, or what I was supposed to do with this information, AND  I didn’t know if sharing this experience with anyone was such a good idea anyhow. Let’s face it, if I told a healthcare professional about it, I could very easily end up on 72 hour mental health hold at the funny farm.

All the logical explanations ran through my mind, but nothing added up.  I wasn’t hallucinating, wasn’t drunk or stoned, and I didn’t have a high fever that would bring on such things.  All I wanted to do was chill out in the bathtub!  After I played the whole analysis game over and over in my mind, my intuition kicked in and advised me to ask my guides what had happened.

Ask for an answer?  WOW-WHAT A CONCEPT!  We have our very own spiritual posse around us at all times, witnessing our lives.  Why is it so easy to forget to include them in our contemplation of such things?

As I asked for guidance, so many energies swooped into the room I felt as if I was having a pow-wow( in woo-woo talk,  we call that a “whoop-woo”).  It was explained to me, that I had raised my vibration to a point where an activation had taken place.  This activation triggered cellular memory from the past in which I connected and journeyed to other dimensions for the good of others.  The activation created new pathways in the brain allowing greater access to the pineal gland and the “mouth of God” point in the occipital range.  I was shown how to activate these brain points in others to open them to other dimensions and to dimensional travel.  My guides explained this happening was a “right time, right place” type of scenario, and that being in water assisted the vibration and energy to flow easier.

It was an incredible experience that had changed my life forever.

I discovered that I wasn’t the only one who had this ability.  Many children, including my own, who came to me as clients were seeing into other dimensions since birth.  It wasn’t just the “standard” seeing spirits or angels.  What they were seeing was entire time frames and lifetimes carried on in front of them.

One evening, I was at the Red Rock Canyon overlook with all three of my kids.  My oldest daughter and I sat on the wall overlooking the valley as the sun started to go down.  She would ask me, “Mom, did you see that Indian?” and pointed out other points of interest as well.  It was like a delightful, private game we shared that night, witnessing dimensions of time and space that had come to pass.

Months later, Adam told me he wanted to play a game with me and the “Angel People.”  Of course, I readily agreed.  Who can pass up Angel People?  He had me sit in a chair, and close my eyes.  Adam said, “They are going to give you a present Mommy.  Wish for whatever it is you want most right now.”  My first thought was of a convertible, red sports car I’d seen recently, so I made that my silent wish.  He had me open up my eyes, and I saw this team of Angel People pushing in the red, sports car.  I hadn’t spoken my wish out loud or given any hints to Adam.  He jumped around saying, “Do you like the red car, Mommy?  Isn’t it cool?”  I watched the scene play out, much as I had in the bathtub, simply taking the part of observation.  Adam continued to comment about what was going on, and he was relaying everything I was seeing.  The whole situation was so joyful, but I also remember a sadness in the pit of my stomach later on that day.

What about the people who see things that cannot share them with others who understand?  What happens to the children that tell the teacher or their parents about all these really neat things they see, only to be shunned or punished because they are not believed?  When this happened to me as a child, I withdrew.  I began to doubt myself.  Thank God that times are changing and we as a collective are more open to this sort of sense.

Seeing into other dimensions is a great adventure.  You never know what will appear and what you will learn.  Hmmm….kinda sounds like this dimension, doesn’t it?

Love & Laughter,


7 thoughts on “I Was in the Bathtub, Minding My Own Business, When in Walked Another Dimension

  1. Thanks for sharing your multidimensionality experience from childhood Danielle. It reminded me of one I remember–seemed to be a “dream,” yet I distinctly recall sitting upright in my bed around the age of eight as a line of soldiers walked by and into my parent’s closet (which shared the wall behind my bed!). I remember saying, “HELLO, JOE!” in grand fashion to one of the soldiers who looked at me, held up one hand, & smiled in acknowledgment. Now I know what to call that vivid waking dream!


  2. So many have shut themselves down as children, because there was nobody to share with . . . thankfully, these days it is opening up . . . they are opening up and are encouraged to pick up and work with those abilities and gifts for the good of all !


    1. Barry,
      YAY!!!! I am so happy about this too. Even the media with shows like Ghost Whisperer and Medium or reality shows about animal psychics and such are so much more mainstream. I really like the show, “Psychic Kids” with Chip Coffey. It’s so empowering for kids.
      Love your comments. Thanks so much.


  3. Again, I totally understand that! I have been ‘seeing’ strange things all my life, but as a young child I was told I had an overactive imagination and so that is what I attributed it to. Well now I will not do the same to my daughter. Whatever she sees will be believed! Thank you Danielle.


  4. Hi Danielle! Just want to thank you – deeply – for sharing your very personal stories of the expanded life that you experience. I know a lot of your healer friends experience the same things and you are building a path for the rest to follow in exposing these experiences to the light of day. I see you trudging determined yet joyful (mostly! lol!) through the jungle, sharpened machete at the ready!

    For others of us, while I/we accept fully what you experience, I/we don’t have those experiences to draw upon. Reading and listening to you share what’s it like for you shows us up close and personal what’s possible. I think your experiences are fascinating and exciting, and helps put a lot of things into perspective.

    Perhaps as a child I too had access to those energies, I don’t know. All I know is that I was so afraid. So very afraid. When I was about 5 I had to turn off the light switch by myself and run across the room to my bed (which seemed an impossible distance away) through a sea of deadly creatures that I knew were out to snatch me up and do who knows what to me. Many a night I stood frozen under that light switch, unable to summon the courage to run to my bed. How long I stood there I do not know, it felt like eons of time. When I finally summoned the courage to run, I jumped in, pulled the covers tight up over my head and thanked god that I had survived that run one more time. It was more than just a fear of the dark, it was knowing that with darkness came horrors worse than death. And why I thought I was safe under the blankets I don’t know, none of it was “rational” behavior. 😉 I don’t recall at what point I got over this terror, but at some point I did. Or buried it. :p I do know I’m not afraid of the dark anymore. I actually love the darkness now, it’s so quiet and peaceful at night.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is, I know that other dimensions exist, but I don’t “see” anything from those dimensions like you do. All I have is my intuitive knowing, and for now, that’s enough. I look forward to journeying to other dimensions as you and others do, and experiencing a whole ‘nother way of being. I so appreciate you sharing your adventures!

    Love you!



    1. Karen,
      Your words have deeply touched my heart! Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with me. So often I think twice about what I write, and then I am nudged, I mean guided, I mean PUSHED to just let everything out. Hearing your input makes that so much easier for me to do.
      Love you dearly,


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