Channeling My “Inner Yoda”

"Yoda Wisdom"

“Do or Do Not.  There is No Try.”

That has got to be my favorite Yoda quote of all time!  For those of you unfamiliar with Yoda, he is a 900 year old Jeidi Master from the Star Wars books & movies.  The wisdom he conveys in these stories is not only deep but incredibly witty.

Wisdom? Humor? BINGO!  Two of my favorites!

I am a long time supporter of laughing, joking and am known to pull the occasional prank or two.  When I am feeling down in the dumps, the first thing I reach for is something I know will make me laugh.  Sometimes that’s a photo, a movie, or simply watching my kids play.  When I teach, I am very passionate about combining spiritual information with comedy.  Let’s face it, some of the stuff I teach is very detailed and a little “out there” for some people.  But if I can relate a funny story or diagram along with the subject matter, it lightens the energy and allows the people in the room to relax and with that they absorb things much easier.

Laughter is one of the most powerful and easiest ways to lift energy.  Have you ever been at a formal ceremony or even a funeral and someone in the audience laughs at the most inappropriate moment?  To me, that is GOD at work.  Once one person laughs, it breaks the ice for others to do the same.  Very much like being around someone who yawns and suddenly it’s as if they passed that on to you because your body mimics their actions.

I can remember my dear Aunt Debbie’s funeral a few years ago.  Her death was very sudden and a shock to friends and family.  She had lived a very full and beautiful life for her 89 years on this planet.  I have the most wonderful memories of her letting us kids spend the night, taking us out for pizza and then to La Jolla Cove in the early morning.  Aunt Debbie never had children of her own, and in lots of ways I think my brother, sister, cousins and I became her “stand in” kids.   For all the love and compassion she gave, in her older years, she became fearful of the outside world and lets just say a bit snappy.  It was not an easy transformation to watch, but we all dealt with it as best we could because of our deep love for her.  At the funeral, my teenage nephew, Josh, went to the podium and spoke of all the good times he’d shared with Aunt Deb.  And then he began to share his impatience with her, and how he wished that he’d been nicer to her when she was alive.

Next it was my turn to take the podium to sing one of Aunt Deb’s favorite hymns, “In the Garden.”  I have sung at many weddings, parties and church services, but this would be the first funeral I would sing at.  You can only imagine how difficult it is to be grieving over someone you love who has passed, and then stand up in a chapel full of people to sing her favorite song.  My knees were knocking, I was sinking my fingernails into the palms of my hands and scrunching up my toes in my high heels.

The next thing I knew the words, “Don’t worry, Josh.  She bugged the hell out of all of us.”  It just flew out! And my first thoughts were, “Oh crap! Mom’s minister is going to have a freakin field day with this one!” as he stood to the side of me aghast with shock.  I’m pretty sure I said “bugged the hell” but it might have been “bugged the shit out of all of us,” I can’t quite remember,

Within that moment though, with all her friends and family gathered, they began to laugh.  It was never my intention to do stand up comedy at my Aunt’s funeral, trust me.  And never in my right mind would I believe that the elderly friends in attendance would giggle at such a thing.  But in that moment, the energy lightened up in the room.  People relaxed.  I relaxed too.  It was like taking an energetic shot of tequila with none of the nasty after effects.  I was able to do my Aunt proud as I belted out her favorite hymn, and I could feel her hands on my shoulder as I sang.  What a most profound and loving moment!  I’ve never felt as close to her as I did in those few moments.  Below you will see my favorite picture of Aunt Debbie and me, taken on my first Christmas.

Ahhh…..good memories.

I am often fascinated by other people’s perspectives of life.  When I read for someone, I often see their guides and angels around them.  My relationship is very close with Arch Angel Michael and I see Michael around many people.  One evening I was having a Spiritual Circle at my home during which I was guided to channel a message from the Angelic Realm.  Channeling is connecting to another energy and allowing their vibration and message to come through.  As I connected with these Angelic Beings and began to speak their message, I was guided to give a message to a woman far across the room.

When I channel, the best way I can describe it is that I (my mind) takes a back seat and I allow the Angels to take the front seat.  I am a conscious trance channel, meaning I do not leave my body, nor do I allow any being to take complete control of it.  I create a safe connection with the beings I channel and I allow them to speak through me.  I know what’s happening when it’s happening, but it is much like an out-of-body experience where you are aware but just observing.

Back to the woman at the Circle…I was propelled out of my chair and walked across the room to this woman and began to give her a personal message.  Now, I had read for this woman before, and I was aware of her close connection with Arch Angel Michael.  In her perception, Michael appeared to her as a rapper, with a backwards baseball hat, wings, chains, and jeans.  This is how she saw him and this is the image she had when she connected with him.  Of course, Michael appeared over the woman’s shoulder exactly in that fashion.  In the back of my mind, I am taking this all in like it’s no big deal, because I’ve already seen him like this, but the three Angels that were coming through me had never seen Michael in this way.  I began laughing hysterically as they began to playfully tease Michael in his not so angelic get up.

But hey, it worked for the woman, and that is the important thing, right?  Po-tay-toe, Po-tat-o I say.  I was just amazed at the humor in it all and the lightness of the comedy exchanged that evening.  Who knew Angels had such an extreme sense of humor?

Do or do not, there is no try.

So often I get stuck on that word, “try.”  I will ask my kids to clean their rooms, and get the standard response, “Ok, Mom.  I will try to get to it.” Or when I counsel clients and reveal information and direction for them and I hear, “Well, I don’t know.  I may be able to try what they are saying.”   I guess it’s just one of those personal pet peeves with me, but I am with Yoda on this one.  Do or do not, there is not try.  To try, means you will attempt something.  When you hear a friend say, “I’ll be there,” as opposed to, “I will try to make it,” both are completely different intentions and energies (to me).  I don’t go out to my car and try to drive it, I just drive it!  If I went into some of the work I do with a “try” attitude, I’d be a complete metaphysical mess!

So, my Yoda advice to you today: Go out and LAUGH!  Don’t try to laugh…JUST LAUGH!

And may “The Force” be with you.

Love & Laughter,


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