The Search for Truth, Proof and Pudding…

The PROOF is in the PUDDING.  Well, the first time I heard that saying, I went running for the fridge, threw open the door in wild abandon, grabbed my favorite chocolate jello pudding cup, and rushed to eat each bite.  But there was no toy inside, like the ones that came in my Frosted Flakes cereal.  What the heck was this “proof” the grownups were talking about?

I can’t begin to count how many times in my life someone has come to me and said, “Prove it!” In my life, work and belief system this happens quite frequently.  Believe it or not, everyone doesn’t exactly share my views on speaking to the dead, connecting with Angels, or reading energy.

Bummer.  They really don’t know what they are missing out on.

That saying, “The proof is in the pudding,” essentially means, that to full understand (test) something, you have to experience it yourself.  It’s so interesting to me, how people on the constant search for truth (or proving everyone else wrong) very rarely put themselves in the position to be open to the experience.  But when they do, amazing things can happen.

I am reminded of a man I met at an expo a few years back.  He would come into the room where I was giving Angel readings, look at the booth, walk back and forth and leave, only to come back fifteen to twenty minutes later and repeat the same process.  When I was not with a client, I finally asked the man if I could help him.  He began telling me how he though this reading stuff was all “Hooey” and he couldn’t believe that people actually were interested.  He started to ask me questions, “Do you believe in God while you’re doing this?  Are you connecting with the Devil?  How do you get your information?” and my most favorite, “What proof do you have that what you are doing works?”

With a smile on my face, I answered all his questions.  I explained to him that I do not read minds, although being a mom and wife I really wish I could, and that I connect with the Angels and Guides that present themselves for information.  So far as proof, I had many written testimonials present that he had read. but I also added that if he really wanted to know about any kind of proof, he should experience it himself.

The man pondered this for a few minutes.  I was waiting for him to leave the booth, when he sat down beside me and said, “Okay.  I’ll do it, but only a short one of those reading things.”

I touched his hands to connect with his energy and sensed a deep fear and frustration.  This man had become resentful and skeptical of life, looking for the negatives so that he could concentrate his energy in that flow.  I began to tell him what I was picking up on about his health, his personality, and his work.  The timer rang at the end of our ten minute session, but I was drawn to continue.  I was able to connect with the energy of his heart and all his goodness and changed things to a positive perspective he had not thought of in some time.  He began to weep.  Our short session lasted more than forty minutes and ended with a heartfelt hug.

The man went back into the main area of the expo.  Soon there was a long line at my booth, a result of this man sharing his experience with the rest of the crowd.  My skeptic became my biggest cheerleader!  And not because of me, but because he was willing to be open to the reading and his own realizations.

What if I had just blown him off when he began asking me all those questions?  We both would not have learned a very important lesson.  I learned to strive to see God’s light in everyone, no matter their attitude.  When you connect with another person’s heart, it is an amazing miracle and exchange of energy.

We are constantly on the search for proof and truth.  That’s the fun of being human though, right?  IF something doesn’t fit, we find something else that does.

I wanted to share some “proof” with you in a few videos I received from a dear friend.  These videos were taken on Christmas of  last year with a cell phone.

Angel at Christmas  In this video, you will see a light being to the right of the picture.  This figure was not seen while the video was being filmed.  Look at the reflection in the mirror as it appears there as well.

Angel at Christmas 2 This is a video taken moments later.  See how the dog, Nacho, is looking at the figure and is no longer interested in play time.

What are your thoughts on these videos?  I would love to hear your point of view.

Love & Laughter,


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