Questions? Something You’d like Danielle to Shine the Light On?

Questions? Something You’d like Danielle to Shine the Light On?.

Do you have any paranormal experiences you need help sorting out?  Send your questions or comments to Danielle.

Questions?  Something You'd like Danielle to Shine the Light On?

via Questions? Something You’d like Danielle to Shine the Light On?.

8 thoughts on “Questions? Something You’d like Danielle to Shine the Light On?

  1. What is your view on this whole polar shift & December 21. The end of the Mayan Calendar? I know the world is not going to end. I do feel more natural changes will happen affecting large groups of people so we should be ready.


    1. Great question, Laysi!

      So much hype and fear is centered around this year, 2012, and especially December. I completely agree, the world itself will not end. But I do believe the world as we currently know it, will change. Guidance tells me that all the changes and shifts we’ve all been experiencing over the last 3-5 years has been laying the groundwork for this phase of ascension.

      If you look back over the course of the last 5 years at the changes in weather patterns, natural disasters and economic turmoil, you will see great tragedy but also great triumph. With all things comes lessons and greater knowledge. The lessons we are learning are vital to becoming a better human race, as well as creating (and respecting, I may add), a better planet. Tools and systems previously in place have been destroyed or improved upon. Political parties and governments have restructured and realigned.

      Just as most people are motivated to change through emotional or physical pain, the same is happening with our planet. Through witnessing and experiencing her pain, we evolve to find solutions to assist and coincide with Mother Earth. Think of all the push and insight of GREEN POWER, Organic Foods, and Conservation in the last few years. If we hadn’t realized the need for change, through living in our current state, change would not happen. I do believe there will be more earthquakes, flooding, and natural disasters as the Earth continues to release energies that no longer thrive with the rise in vibration of the collective Universe.

      Just as the Earth is releasing what no longer serves her highest good, humanity is doing the same. How much change have you experienced in the last 3-5 years? What about your friends and loved ones? And the changes seem to be not just one life altering event, but several occurring one right after another. This is caused by the energetic push to ascend, to raise our spiritual and physical vibration so that we may exist comfortably and joyfully on this planet. Many people have chosen to leave and cross to the other side to assist with this process.

      There is a wondrous healing that is taking place now, in preparation for a doorway that will open in December. With healing, germs and dis-ease come to the surface so the body may purge them and create anti-bodies to ward off further illness. The same is happening with our personal lives and the life of our planet. Things are coming to the surface to be healed. With such deep healing comes greater capacity for happiness, intuition, and manifestation.

      The Mayans were known for their spiritual power and connection to other realms. The insight and wisdom they utilized is something modern day scientists marvel at today. How could a race that existed so long ago create such amazing engineering and architecture? How did they know specifics of agriculture and medicine? I believe these ancient peoples were able to harness their abilities by utilizing larger capacities of the brain. By doing so, they made the impossible, possible. When they created their calendars, it was with their concept of time and space. As the recording of 2012 happened, the alignment of the stars, planets and energy was something that did not agree with the Mayan concept of time and space. They had not experienced this difference of their theories and insight, ever. It was like having a math problem they could not solve. To some, that meant the end of time itself. I do not share in that belief.

      I believe that it is merely the evolution of time and space. Time is moving faster and dimensional bleed through occurs on a daily basis. There is a larger capacity to love. We as a species are in a heightened state of energy, just as is the planet we exist on. Because humanity and Earth are mirroring each other’s experiences, that creates the perfect arena for ascension. The energetic doorway in December is another level of that ascension process. We can choose to embrace it and welcome enlightenment, or we can hide our heads in the sand, fearing the worst.

      Thanks for sending in your question, Laysi. I’ve really enjoyed sharing my insight.


  2. Danielle, I wonder, with all the experiences you have had as an intuitive, what is your personal view on religion? And how about the existence of different religions? You know where I’m coming from with this but I just want your personal view on that.


    1. Thanks, Elitsa. Great question.

      I have attended many different religious services and spiritual practices over my lifetime. I cannot say that I belong to one “religion” per say, because there are bits and pieces that resonate with me from many religious beliefs. There are most definitely different religions and their belief systems have been created with the highest and greatest good of their people in mind. Some rules and religious laws I personally feel, are outdated and do not agree with the energy of Mother/Father God that I connect with.

      So many of the world’s religions have been created out of a sense of needed control. Christianity, with all its wonderful, beautiful teachings, began with powerful men sighting beliefs to make sure to keep a tighter rein on humanity. I never agree with leading by fear. Do this, or you’re going to hell… this, or you’re going to hell, etc. etc. etc. I believe we create our own hell, here on Earth. The law of attraction brings back to us what ever energies and actions we put out, just like Karma.

      I think of my personal spirituality as a great, big, tasty compilation…like adding ingredients to a recipe. A little of this, a big pinch of that, and wah lah, you have your belief systems. I know that sounds simple, but that’s just the way I roll!

      Most of my beliefs stem from Native American, Shamanic and Goddess practices of living in coexistence with nature, the elements, the universe and all living things. I strive to see God in every thing and find when you actively look for God, you will definitely will find God.

      Hope that answers your question. Again, these are my personal beliefs. What works for me, doesn’t work for everybody. Take what resonates with you, and leave the rest behind.


  3. Loved your sharing of Adam, yourself, and your friend sealing the portal in your house. Also loved your decernment about keep means and ends consistent. Easy to say but oh so challenging to apply in context.
    My body presently records the energy patterns around me, but I don’t put them into light images. Instead I create and purify with crystaline bead patterns. My question is are you able to see how my latest torus pattern for an earth star below my feet is functioning? Love your format, Hugs Richard Anderson.
    -I write you every once in a while on facebook.


    1. Richard,

      Thanks so much for the kind words! They are much appreciated.

      When I tap in, what I see and feel around you looks like a holographic six sided star. with a very fast paced pattern of light that goes through it. When I focus on it, the energy speed and color change depending on where you are and what you are doing. Feels very grounding and well connected to the Earth and the other dimensions. I keep hearing the words, “star cell.” Does that mean anything to you?



  4. I am blessed to have you in my life and I like to say thank you for all you do for me and for others. Love & Light always….



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