My Intuitive Life??? You Got that one Right!

January 24, 2012


Its true.  I have an intuitive life.  For now that’s the best way to describe it, at least without adding any colorful adjectives or profanities. LOL!

I’ve created this blog to share my experiences with the rest of the world.  Perhaps you will learn something you did not previously know about those who have passed, spirit guides, angels, the paranormal, or the daily happenings of a mom who happens to see dead people and communicate with angels and the spirit world.  If nothing else, my intention is to spread some light your way and give you a giggle or two.

Seeing into other realms isn’t always what its cracked up to be.  Sure there are wonderful aspects of these abilities……I LOVE to help people, assist those who need to cross over, and banish a demonic entity or two.  However, when you are grocery shopping and someone’s dead Grandpa starts talking to you in the frozen foods aisle, it can be a bit distracting.

One of my greatest life lessons is establishing and defining boundaries.  Let me make that more specific….MY BOUNDARIES.  And, since I am a born OVER ACHIEVER, I somehow decided, with all my wisdom, that I need to have MY BOUNDARIES pushed not only by the so called “living” but also by those who no longer reside in physical form.  Yay, ME!  Yeah, uh, don’t break out the streamers and balloons just yet.  It’s not exactly the party you would think it would be.  Nothing says hurry up and dig your heels in and own your power like being faced with angry entities that try to knock you unconscious and growl with the savage voice no Hollywood film maker could replicate.

And I thought raising teenagers was rough!

I didn’t fully accept the tools God has given me until later in my life.  I began seeing spirits at the age of three.  The first time I remember having sight, was while I was laying in bed, in the middle of the night.  I saw three seperate spirit forms at the bottom of my bed.  They all seemed to know eachother, and were talking amongst themselves about me…what I could or could not see, hear and feel.  To say the least it scared the crap out of me, well literally another bodily function (and my parents wondered why I wet the bed till I was 5 years old!)

I remember very vividly the fear and sheer terror that swept over me in those moments.  I could not scream.  I could not get out of my bed.  All I could do was hug my stuffed puppy a little tighter and pull the sheets up over my head.  Eventually, the sun came up, and I was able to retreat to the safety of my parents, who assured me it was all a bad dream.  To no fault of their own, how could they realize that their small child was actually seeing spirits?  It isn’t something discussed at the water cooler at work or your local PTA meeting.  If you were to even hint at the fact your child had sight, the child would be subjected to psychiatric therapy or religious exorcism.  Punish the child for being truthful.  Not such a great lesson to enforce.

I have a calling now to help children with sight.  I love to show them the joy of communication with the other side, and how to set their own boundaries as to what they allow to come through and what they do not allow to come through.  To empower a child to use their full sensory power is a miraculous blessing all in itself.  I witness this on a daily basis with my son, Adam.  He is a bright light who has changed my life and taught me the art and joy of playfulness.  More about Mr. Adam later….

I could babble on and on about what certifications I have, classes and seminars I’ve taken, books I’ve read, etc. etc.  While all those things are a part of me, I hope you will get to know me through the energy of my words, my sense of humor and most of all my heart.  As you connect with my experiences, you will understand what I mean.

I cannot explain to you in words the pure bliss of channeling angels.  I long to find a phrase that equals the energy shining in another’s eyes as they welcome their loved ones on their journey home.  I wish to find a description of my feelings when Arch Angel Michael and my guides join in song during rides in my car – YES, it happens, and I am so grateful it does!  I enjoy the company and the humor (and hey, their dance moves aren’t too bad either!)

No, I am not crazy and we are not schizophrenic any more! HA, HA, HA!  Actually, I have been tested, and my Huna-Healer, Psychic Therapist has determined I am sane, no matter how hard I try to prove him otherwise!

Life is all about perception, and I am offering you mine.  Like it or leave it.  Take what resonates and leave behind the rest for someone else.

This feels like a good introduction to me.  Have a wonderful night!  I will write more soon.

Love & Laughter,


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